I’m Going to Iceland!

blue lagoon iceland

Okay y’all.

I can finally say that I AM GOING TO ICELAND!

Iceland has been my dream destination for several years now and I am so thrilled to hop on my flight and head to Reykjavic. Well, technically I’m flying into Keflavik, you get the idea 😉

And the best part? My entire trip to Iceland is only $300! Find out how I did it HERE.

hlemmur-square- iceland

Looking forward to my terrace view of Reykjavic!

I lucked out on a pretty sweet deal staying at Hlemmur Square hotel & hostel. Because the bottom floors are a hostel and the top floor is reserved as a hotel it’s a bit cheaper than some of the other, more name-brand hotels on the island.

I’m so antsy with anticipation to share with you all my journey to my dream country.

What should I do during my trek to Iceland? Let me know in the comments!




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